Protect Your Home and Business with Anti-graffiti Window Film

While you can’t prevent vandals from defacing your property with graffiti or etching, you can help minimize the costs associated with such vandalism by protecting your windows with anti-graffiti window film. The anti-graffiti glass coating, which is installed on the outside of windowpanes, serves as a shield against direct contact with marker pens, spray paint, or etching tools. If a tagger sprays the windows in your home or business, simply replace the film. The anti-graffiti window film will save you hundreds of dollars by not having to replace costly window glass.

Each year, thousands of homes and businesses are targets of unsightly graffiti or permanent tagging. According to a 2000 U.S. Department of Justice report,* approximately 6% of U.S. households experienced vandalism. Intentional damage or destruction to property, such as breaking windows and graffiti, among other destruction, were included in the Department of Justice report.

With the protective coating sheets, your windows remain free from graffiti painting or etching, as the multilayer film serves as a protective wall. This means the film is defaced, not your expensive glass. The anti-graffiti film can be replaced the same day, helping you maintain a sense of safety in your commercial or residential building.

The window protective film is excellent for glass surfaces and mirrors in high-volume foot-traffic areas, such as restrooms in parks, gyms, schools, and department stores. They are ideal for large mirrors in hair salons and spas.
>> The anti-graffiti window film bonds to glass, protecting your
business or home from “smash-and-grab” crimes.
>> Window film protection is capable of blocking up to 99% harmful UV rays.
>> The protective film can be used on windows, mirrors, and large glass surfaces.
>> The clear window coating is invisible to the naked eye.
>> Anti-graffiti window film is cost-effective. Aside from protecting your windows from graffiti and etching, they are easy to remove and install. This means you save money.
>> Anti-graffiti film comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.
>> The film can also be used to protect smooth stainless steel panels, counter tops, table tops and many other smooth surfaces.