What types of films are there and which are better?
There are various types of window films, ranging from clear protective
film sheets for indoor use to multilayered anti-graffiti sheets for outdoor
windowpanes. We can help you select window film that fits your
budget and needs.

How do you clean windows, mirrors, and other surfaces with film?
Surfaces protected with window film can be cleaned with normal-strength
glass cleaner. It is recommended that you wait at least 30 days after
installation before you use any cleaning products. Avoid using harsh
chemicals or tools that can scratch the film.

What happens if the window breaks?
Accidents invariably occur. The safety window film helps you prepare for
them. While the window film does not prevent the glass from shattering, it
can help prevent a serious injury. In an event that a treated window is
shattered, the polymeric glass coating prevents the razor-sharp pieces
from flying at a high speed and potentially hurting you or your pet. Instead,
the safety window film acts like strong adhesive holding the
cracked pieces together until the glass can be replaced.

How much does it cost?
While the cost of installing film varies depending on the size
of the project, protecting your business or home with window
film saves you money in the long run. If your windows are
tagged or etched, you simply replace the anti-graffiti film.
The glass in your window will remain damage-free.

Is all the film tinted?
No. We can help you chose the right shade and style for your
business or home project. We carry quality products for all
your needs, from clear film for mirrors and indoor glass
surfaces to tinted sheets for your privacy needs. For example,
bathroom mirrors are covered with a protective transparent
film, which are difficult to detect with a naked eye.