Window film can help you create the perfect atmosphere and block harmful UV rays that slowly deteriorate the original colors of your paintings, furniture, rugs, and other valuables inside your home. Some window films are able to block up to 99 % of UV rays, helping slow the fading process.

While itís important to note that window film will not prevent your goods from ever fading, they do provide added UV ray and solar heat blockage to help extend the life of your valuables, compared to untreated windows. The multilayer film sheets can also block heat, helping you save energy. Let one of our knowledgeable representatives help you choose the right shade and style that best suits your needs. It can also keep glass together in case of breakage, preventing glass from flying in all directions.
>> Window film can slow down the fading process of valuable paintings, rugs, furniture, textiles, and other valuables inside your home.
>> UV film can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
>> Protective window film can block solar heat. It will help you reduce the amount of energy you need to keep your home comfortably during summer months.
>> If a high-speed baseball lands on your windowpane, the protective window film will keep the pieces together, preventing a potentially serious injury.
>> Lifetime warranty for window films installed in homes. This
excluded anti-graffiti window films.